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Mutual Funds

Mutual funds invest pooled money in stocks, bonds, and other assets in different companies, sectors, sovereign entities and regions of the world.

There are dozens of mutual fund companies that offer hundreds of schemes with varied investment objectives and risk-return profile. This means investors have wide array of choices and flexibility to select mutual fund schemes that suit their financial objectives based on risk bearing capacity. A young and aggressive investor may pick diversified equity, growth, small and mid cap equity funds; a little moderate middle age investor may select large cap and balanced funds; where as a hybrid monthly income plan with very small exposure of equity or short term debt fund may be more suitable for retired investors looking at regular income with less risk, whereas a corporate may look at cash management, liquid and ultra short term funds.

Why Mutual Funds?

Mutual fund investors have access to qualified, professional and experienced fund managers at a very nominal cost. Mutual funds provide level playing field where same fund manager manages pooled funds of both large and small investors. Mutual funds are a cost-effective way to invest across various financial products, assets, industry and region and thus diversify risk. Mutual funds bring in transparency and are very well regulated. Different category of funds such as equity, debt and hybrid offer varied tax and indexation benefits.

  • Equity Schemes
              1. Large/Medium/Small Cap Funds
              2. Diversified Funds
              3. Sectoral & Thematic Funds
              4. Arbitrage Funds
              5. ELSS (Tax Saving)
  • Debt Funds
              1. Long Term Funds
              2. Short Term Funds
              3. Ultra Short Term Funds
              4. Liquid Funds
  • Hybrid Funds
              1. Monthly Income Plans
              2. Balanced Funds
  • Solutions Oriented Scheme
              1. Retirement Funds
              2. Children’s Fund