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Apart from providing Price Risk Management Services we also provide effective Cash Management Services where we help you convert your money lying in savings or current account from idle and sluggish mover to an active earner on daily basis keeping liquidity intact.

Today most of the active brokers prefer to deal in only with dematerialised shares. But there are still huge number of shares, could be worth millions, lying with investors are in paper form mainly because investors either have never bothered to convert shares in their respective names or have died and kids do not know what to do with these papers, changed their address without following due process with the respective registrars, lost some of the share certificates, many of those companies have either merged, taken over by the new companies, gone through name change. The shares of the new entities probably have further witnessed corporate actions in terms of dividend declarations, bonus announcements and face value split etc. There could be various other complexities involved. Undoubtedly, these issues make the situation pretty challenging and grim for such investors. It is evident that holders of physical shares find themselves in difficult situation to convert the same in demat (electronic) form. There is not an iota of doubt that dematerialised shares would allow legal holder of physical shares to avoid the risk of mutilation / loss /duplication of share certificates. The shares in demat form would allow them to sell those shares and realise it’s value as per their timing.

Finitor Financial Services Private Limited do the hand holding at all stages to help you convert the physical shares into dematerialised format.

We facilitate Income Tax Return filing for individuals/NRIs and Corporates.

  • Cash Management Services
  • Conversion of Physical Shares into Demat
  • Income Tax Return